Jonah Shafer
Jonah Shafer Investment Portfolio Associate

Wanderlust/Avid Traveler

After studying abroad in Germany, I have had an insatiable desire to see as much of the natural beauty the world has to offer. Domestically or internationally, I aspire to fill my passport with various country stamps and to visit all 50 states.

Capital Markets Nerd

Since being an analyst for the student managed investment fund at Western Michigan University, where we managed a portion of the University’s endowment, I have been a student of capital markets. Every morning I read various market reports, macro-economic updates, and in general, monitoring a variety of economic indicators throughout the day.

Health Enthusiast

From eating organically to hitting the tennis courts, I try to stay vigilant in my exercise routine and diet.


  • 2017

    Career in financial planning begins

  • 2018

    Graduate WMU

  • 2019

    Acquire entry exams

  • 2020


  • 2022

    Start with Blueway